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Confidential Zoom Appointments

You have an option to book face to face or zoom appointments. I am a trained person-centered therapist and make use of a techniques from number of therapies including CBT, EMDR, Schema Therapy, Narrative Therapy, Gestalt and Acceptance Commitment Therapy. I am warm, respectful and non-judgmental with my clients and believe we all have the capacity to overcome our difficulties.

Art Therapy

Confidential Zoom Appointments

After working as a Counsellor for a few years I realized that talk-therapy can be helped by non-verbal therapeutic activities to reach parts of ourselves that may not be accessible with words, bringing us more insight and healing. As someone who has used art as a coping mechanism through my own difficulties for a very long time, I felt it was a natural progression to train in Art Therapy and have seen it's positive impacts with a range of clients.

Box of Crayons
Image by Daiga Ellaby

Play Therapy (Young People)

Counselling for Young People
(Fremantle & Surrounds)

Child-Centered Play Therapy is a non-directive approach to helping those aged from around 3 to 10 years old. It utilizes a child's natural way of working through difficulties and expressing themselves. Through play, children communicate, problem solve, work through difficulties and express feelings. In Play therapy, the therapist holds a space in order for them to do this with unconditional positive regard and acceptance toward the child. When a child is fully seen, heard and accepted, behavioral concerns often dissipate which allows a more peaceful relationship with parents, siblings and peers therefore helping their progression through developmental stages.

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